November 7, 2016

Painting Workshop with Shirley Hogg @ State of the Art

On November 12th I will be having a watercolor painting workshop inspired by the absolutely fantastic new exhibition up at the State of the Art Gallery! Awaiting the Ark is Shirley Hogg’s exhibition of large scale watercolor paintings and it is really breathtaking. Each painting depicts an endangered animal life sized, on a white background. Omitting the background- the animals habitat- places the animal and the viewer in the same neutral space. We stand face to face with these threatened animals. And this, like the best art, feels thrilling, and sometimes uncomfortable, and also like a privilege.


There are so many delights to this exhibition beyond the impressive size of the paintings and the beauty of the technique. There is a life sized three dimensional elephant head, for example. And a brown bear in Samurai garb, a giant albatross soaring over head, and butterflies flitting all about.  But, by far, the most remarkable thing, is the dignity that Shirley Hogg has given to her subjects.


As you may imagine, I felt so honored when Shirley Hogg invited me to lead a watercolor painting workshop in the gallery with her. It will take place this Saturday morning. She will lead us through the exhibit and tell us about her work and answer our questions. After, we will sit down and learn some basic watercolor technique and create our own animal paintings. For more information and to register go to the Hogg Wild registration page. I can’t wait!