November 3, 2016

Wizarding Weekend Craft Workshop @ SOAG

This past weekend was a special one in Ithaca. It was Wizarding Weekend- the homegrown and hugely successful Harry Potter themed festival now in its second year. I didn’t go last year- I’m not much into festivals. But, this year, I did go. And I thought it was magical. I was really moved. This festival is so much better than Halloween. Wizarding Weekend has all of the great parts of Halloween- the pageantry, creativity, magical phenomenon, without the all the chainsaws and blood and sugar. The best thing, though, is the joy! Man, people love Harry Potter. I didn’t even know I loved Harry Potter so much until this weekend.

So, this year, I’ve become a member of the State of the Art Gallery, and State of the Art Gallery is right in the heart of the festival. It was actually the photographer Susan Larkin’s idea to have a craft workshop. The gallery hosted some other activities on Saturday, the main day of Wizarding Weekend– the costume day– and we held our workshop on Thursday and Sunday.  We made magical amulets and talismans.


wizarding weekend bristle and turp craft workshop

wizarding weekend bristle and turp crafter

I had a lot of fun with Susan and all of the great little makers who came in. What was extra special was that our exhibition was still up on the walls.  In fact, Sunday was the last day of the New Members Exhibition which was on view for the month of October. It was great to get a few more folks in to see it before it closed. We got quite a bit of extra foot traffic (big and little feet) and got to talk about our art with kids and adults.

My next workshop at the gallery will be with artist Shirley Hogg. Registration is open.

wizarding weekend bristle and turp craft worshop

Pygmy squirrel tails, phoenix feathers, toads eyes, oh my!