December 15, 2015

In the Studio: Silkscreen Lessons

My awesome brother and his whole awesome family came to meet our baby boy in Ithaca a while back (Like, a long while back. In the summer).We did a swap. My brother and sister-in-law took my little guy in the ergo while I took their four to the studio: the five year old twins, my eight year old god-daughter and the leader of the pack who is ten. We made silkscreen T-shirts.  And they looked sooo good!


Fool-proof silkscreen

The kids cut shapes out of construction paper and laid them directly on the t-shirt. They printed with one color first, then loaded the screen with second color, shifted the screen ever so slightly and printed again. All four of them came out fantastic. I must admit I was a little nervous about how the younger ones would do. I wasn’t positive that they would be able to get a crisp print without washed out areas. And actually, on the first pass, they all had some faded areas. This is why we printed again using a second color. The second color masked the faded areas and created a really nice distressed look. Choosing a super bright first color really helped make the designs pop.

I did the lesson again with a student this week. She had a bunch of great bird shapes that she had leftover from another lesson and so she used them for a t-shirt design. It came out great!

Silkscreen T-shirt lesson