Playdate Possibilities

This menu of hour(ish) long projects are designed to let imaginations run wild. These projects guarantee unique outcomes and success for all participants regardless of age or experience. 

$45 for a 60-90 minute activity for two children. Add $5 for each additional child. 

Fairy Houses

No two are alike. Hunt through woodsy and magical collage materials to create the perfect fairy hide-away. 

Model Magic Puppets

These guys have mouths that move AND three dimensional features. 

Tissue Box Monsters

A box with bite! Turn a regular tissue box into your own toothy creature. 

Baby Birds

Great for first-time sculptors and old pros. These birds are adorable… Every. Single. Time.

Googley Eye Puppets

These puppets have eyes AND mouths that move! 

Shadow Puppets

Who doesn’t love shadow puppets? No one. Everyone loves shadow puppets!