Art Parties

Art parties are super fun for kids and adults alike. I will come to your place, set up before, and clean up after. I’ll send you a menu of one hour projects to choose from or we can create a custom project. 

Birthday Parties

You provide the cake and I’ll provide the art activity. I’ll lead an age appropriate art project that is fun and engaging. Plus, each guest gets to take home what they’ve made. Choose from a menu of projects or if your party has a theme I’ll create a project to match.

Art Night for Adults

Art can be relaxing and renewing and fun at all ability levels. Get some friends together, buy some wine, and let me provide some well curated art materials and art know-how that will allow you to make great art while you chat, unwind, and explore your creative side. Some of my favorite media for this are collage or simple printmaking.

Art Play Dates

You don’t have to have a birthday to have an art party. Let me entertain the kids with a special art play date at your house. Choose from a menu of hour long projects. 


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