November 15, 2016

Kids at State of the Art! Saturday morning art workshop

This past Saturday I hosted a watercolor art workshop with Shirley Hogg at State of the Art Gallery. As is always the case when making art with kids, I had a blast!


Having this art workshop during Shirley’s exhibition of paintings of endangered animals was really important. Shirley is so passionate about animals and she shared that passion with the 11 little artists who came to paint. And they in turn, shared that passion with their parents and siblings when they came to pick them up. It was really gratifying to watch them pull their moms and dads by the arm to tell them about a particular painting. One painting, especially – of a mountain lion– made a huge impact on the kids. Under the glass, the painting is completely covered over with a sheet of tracing paper. This animal is extinct.

This was not just a watercolor painting workshop. This was a great artist doing what great artists do– inspiring others (who will inspire others)  to be passionate about their world. We sent out a nice little ripple on Saturday!


I love to see all the different ways that children work. We had the most poised and thoughtful 7 year old painter whose watercolor reproductions of animal photos were so spot on, we couldn’t believe her age. We had even younger painters,  just learning the material and working hard at applying the technical stuff (not too much paint, not too much water, if you don’t want it to bleed wait until it’s dry…) to their exuberant drawings. The oldest in our group on Saturday were 10 and 11. They were painting wet-on-wet, and wet-on-dry, and lifting and making really great layered paintings. Shirley taught them how to correct mistakes and lighten colors by  “lifting” the paint with water. Lots of the kids liked that technique.



I’m looking forward to hosting more of these workshops at the gallery. Check the special events page at State of the Art Gallery and/or my Bristle & Turp workshops page periodically. Hope to see you at the next one!