April 14, 2015

In the studio: a 3D drawing lesson

I had a first lesson with a wonderful 7 year old artist last week. All I knew was that he loves to draw and is into making very detailed and quite technical looking drawings of Transformers and Hero League characters. I knew I wanted him to leave his first lesson feeling like he had learned something cool. I wanted to teach him a new technical skill that he could apply right away- of couse, this is always tricky at a first lesson when I don’t yet know what skills a child already has. This is what we did…

Cutting, arranging and pasting 3D forms. Basically, creating a rendering of an imagined sculpture.

I taught him the trick of turning a square into a cube. Then we tried some cuboids (rectangles of different dimensions). We filled a whole sheet of graph paper, and by the time it was full of shapes, he really had the hang of it AND we had the “building blocks” for the collage. He cut out all the shapes with scissors and began to arrange them in various ways- just like building with blocks, but in 2 dimensions. I had thought he might take it in a robotic direction, but he took inspiration instead from an Escher print and made a fantastic alligator.