September 15, 2015

Bristle & Turp Ribbon Cutting with the Mayor

It’s been months since the last post and I promise I have a good excuse. I had a baby boy at the end of May! I could write for days about him, but I’ll just say that he’s amazing and he’s been keeping me company in the studio occasionally.  It doesn’t take too much to keep him happy- toilet paper tied to the window fan seems to do it, or a paper cup and an empty poland spring bottle in his portable crib. That’s not bad, right? We’re artists, we work with what we have.

sinclair in studio


He was, of course, a VIP at the official ribbon cutting for Bristle & Turp on September 4th. The other VIP was, of course, Mayor Svante Myrick who graced my tiny studio and welcomed Bristle & Turp, officially, as a downtown business. We somehow fit about 15 people in the studio. It felt very festive! We were all delighted to have the mayor there. My students helped him to cut the ribbon and afterwards,  I loved hearing them explain their art work as he listened intently.

Caroline explains her printmaking process to Mayor Svante Myrick

Caroline explains her printmaking process to Mayor Svante Myrick


My space is little, did I mention that? And it’s a little cooky and DIY.  I think that’s part of what is great about it. But for this day, I tried my best to class it up. It was important for me to honor my students and their families. Each one of my students is so fantastic and talented. I wanted them to be proud.  I am also totally in love with their families for taking their art seriously. So, we had cookies and lemonade and beautiful framed artwork and celebrated each of them! And it was wonderful.