Painting Workshop with Shirley Hogg @ State of the Art

On November 12th I will be having a watercolor painting workshop inspired by the absolutely fantastic new exhibition up at the State of the Art Gallery! Awaiting the Ark is Shirley Hogg’s exhibition of large scale watercolor paintings and it is really breathtaking. Each painting depicts an endangered animal life sized, on a white background. […]

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Wizarding Weekend Craft Workshop @ SOAG

This past weekend was a special one in Ithaca. It was Wizarding Weekend- the homegrown and hugely successful Harry Potter themed festival now in its second year. I didn’t go last year- I’m not much into festivals. But, this year, I did go. And I thought it was magical. I was really moved. This festival […]

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Bird Sculpture: Little hands making baby birds

Okay, so that’s not a little hand holding that adorable bird sculpture. That’s my old weathered hand. But, the kids had already run off! They were a lovely trio of 3-5 year olds and this project was perfect for a pre-schooler’s attention span. I love this project for several reasons. First, they all end up […]

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